Minimal Nested vCenter 6 Lab – Connecting to vCenter and Creating the vSphere Cluster

In the last post, we made sure our vCenter server is up and running correctly, by doing a ping test and connecting successfully to the vSphere Web Console. In this post, we’ll connect to the vCenter server and create the ESXi cluster. Let’s go

Open a browser and type your vCenter https://vCenterIP:9443, in my case, then type your Sphere admin user and password


Click on Hosts and Clusters


We’ll start by creating a Datacenter. A vCenter datacenter is a logical container for items that you want to create limits around. VM mobility, Storage (datastores and datastore clusters), and networking objects are contained within a datacenter.

Right click on the vCenter IP and create a new datacenter.

vCenter6-NewDatacenter Give a name and click on OK



Once the datacenter is created, we’ll be able to create the ESXi hosts cluster.

Right click on the newly created datacenter, and create a new cluster

vCenter6-NewCluster Give a name to the cluster and click on OK

vCenter6-NewCluster vCenter6-NewCluster

Cluster created now, let’s add the hosts. Hosts can be added by IP or by hostname. For adding the hosts by hostname, make sure all corresponding vCenter and ESXi records are created in our Windows Server DNS.


Let’s add the first host

We have now our cluster with one added host


We’ll add the second ESXi host called ESX2 by following the same steps. Once done, we’ll end up with our two hosts vSphere cluster.


Our cluster is now ready, but the shared storage is not yet. To have some of the most common vCenter features like vMotion and Storage vMotion,and also to allow our hosted VMs to communicate between each other and with the external world, we’ll need to appropriate network configuration in our hosts. In the upcoming posts, we’ll configure the vMotion VMkernel and iSCSI VMkernel, also configure the shared storage LUNs and present it to our ESXi hosts, in order to be able to move freely to move our VMs between hosts using vMotion.


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