Minimal Nested vCenter 6 Lab – Installing vCenter 6 Server Appliance

Installing the vCenter 6 Appliance Server

Installing the vCenter Appliance server on top of VMware Workstation would need some tweaking!

  1. Download VMware vCenter Server Appliance from VMware (.iso file).
  2. Extract the content of the ISO.
  3. Add the .ova extension to vcsa/vmware-vcsa file.
    1-Extract VCSA2-deploy-vcsa6-to-workstation
  4. Import the vcsa/vmware-vcsa file from VMware Workstation, but DO NOT POWER IT UP! Some configuration need to be added the the config file to make it fully functional.
  5. Change the vNIC network to VMnet1 (Host-only)

5-vCenter Mgmt VMnet1 network6. Browse the VM path and open VC.vmx located in the  with a text editor. Add the following lines at the end of the file


7. Optionnaly, you may change the RAM to 6 GB to reduce resource footprint. and the VC server. The process will go through the installation and configuration of the vCenter appliance, assigning the settings (IP, Gateway, DNS, root password) which were added to the config file.



Power up the VM. It will approximately 10 minutes to complete, so go to grab a cup of coffee and give it sometime to finish.

Installing VCSA ApplianceInstalling VCSA Appliance

Installation is done

Installing VCSA Appliance

The Ping test from my workstation ( to the VC IP (  is successful.

Ping vCenter

If Ping does not work for you. make sure the VC server vNIC is connected to right network, which, in our case is VMnet1

The connectivity through vSphere Web Client is also working fine.



Optionally, one last thing to do is to configure the hostname in the VC server.

Press F2 >  Type your password > Go to Configure Management Network > DNS Configuration and assign the hostname.

vCenter 6 is installed and postpone configuration is done. In the next post, we’ll connect to vCenter server, create a vSphere cluster, and add ESX1 and ESX2 hosts to the cluster.

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