Minimal Nested vCenter 6 Lab

It happens for everyone! You read about one cool feature and you want to test it. If you are enough lucky, your company has already provided for you a test environment, so you’re so excited you can go ahead to evaluate the functions you’ve just learn about.

Well! That story was short and happy for the lucky ones of us. However, for those who are not, they need a test environment with cheap resources.

In this we will go through the installation of minimal vCenter 6 installation in a nested VMware 11 environment, on top of an HP EliteBook with CORE i7 vPro CPU laptop, and with only 8 GB of RAM.

The goal of this lab was to run a test vCenter environment with minimal resources to run a vCenter server, 2 ESXi hosts and an iSCSI Target server. Let’s get started!

Part 2 – vCenter 6 Lab – Lab Design

Part 3 – vCenter 6 Lab – Preparing and Installing the ESXi Hosts

Part 4 – vCenter 6 Lab – Installing the vCenter 6 Server Appliance

Part 5 – vCenter 6 Lab – Connecting to vCenter and Creating the ESXi Cluster

Part 6 – vCenter 6 Lab – Configuring the vMotion Network

Part 7 – vCenter 6 Lab – Configuring the iSCSI Network

Part 8 – vCenter 6 Lab – Configuring the iSCSI Storage & Adding Datastores to the Hosts

Part 9 – vCenter 6 Lab – Creating the Virtual Distributed Switch#

Part 10 – vCenter 6 Lab – Testing vMotion and VMs Connectivity#


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