Office 365 Fundamentals – Connecting your domain to Office 365

One of the first things to do after creating a subscription in Office 365 is creating a custom domain name and add it to Office 365 verified domain list. This will let you map your domain name that might be hosted somewhere else by the hosting provider of your choice, to your Office 365. resources like Exchange Online and Skype for Business Online.

In other words, all your resources created in Office 365 will be accessed through a custom domain name in the form of until you add your corporate domain and verify it.



Let’s say you have a domain named, your initial domain will Once you add your domain & verify it, then you’ll be access your Office 365 through the naked domain.

The good news is that this process is very easy, and can be achieved in a two steps procedure. The first step is to add the domain name, and the second step is to create the necessary records required by Office 365 to prove that we actually own that domain.

Step 1. Creating a custom domain in Office 365

  • Login to your Office 365 Portal and go to the Admin Center Portal



  • Under Domain Section, Click on Add a domain



  • Type the domain name you want to add. In my case, it is then click on Next



  • The wizard will then ask you about the procedure of your choice to verify your domain and you actually own it. You can either choose to receive an email to an address configured with with domain name (This is obviously an easier method), or add a TXT record in your domain DNS zone. The TXT record to created will be provided in the next step. Here I am choosing the second option



  • The TXT record to create is shown, so before clicking on Verify we’ll need to configure it



Step 2. Verifying the domain

I will connect to my hosting provider to create the required TXT record using cPanel. This procedure will depend on the hosting provider you have, so you might not get the same screenshots as I do.

  • Start by logging on to to your domain hosting provider



  • Go to your Domain Zone Editor



  • Create the TXT Record



  • Go back to the Office 365 domain window and click on Verify. In my case, after creating the TXT record and clicking on Verify, the domain was verified straight way. If is not working for you, you might need to wait for sometime to allow the replication of the DNS records across the name servers.


  • The Set up Online Services screen allows to online services records. These are the service provided by OIffice 365 like Exchange Online, Skype for Business Online, …etc. You can either allow Office 365 to create these records on your behalf, or you can create them manually if you want to. In this example, I’ll choose to do it manually.


  • The following screen enumerate all the records that need to be created in the hosting provider DNS zone, like autodiscover for connecting automatically to Exchange Online and lyncdicover to connect automatically to Skype for Business (formerly Lync Online). As you might guess, the record creation will depend on the service you are using in Office 365. If you’re not using Skype for Business, there is no need to create the lyncdicover record. Note the warning on the below of the windows stating some services may not be available until the required records are created. Once everything is configured from your side, you can click on Skip



  • Click on Finish to finish the configuration


To check that your domain has effectively been added, go back to the Office 365 Admin Center Home Page and click on the Domains section.


Your domain should be visible in the domain list.


Your corporate domain is now added to Office 365.


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