Office 365 Fundamentals – Subscribing to the Free Trial

Office 365 is a subscription-based service that let you pay for your subscription on a monthly or yearly basis, so you’ll need to have an already existing subscription to use Office 365. Fortunately, Microsoft provides a 30-day free trial trials for some Office 365 plans and we’ll explore how to do it in this post.


  • To start, Go to the Office 365 plans page, and click on For business to show the offered business plans.




  • Scroll down and click on More details to see all the features each plan has to offer




  • Choose the plan that you think is the most suitable for you, and click on Try for free. It’s worth  noting that the free trial is available in all plans. noting that the free trial is available in all plans.




  • Provide your common business contact information.





  • You will then be prompted to provide your Office 365 User ID and password, and also your domain, then click create my account. Bear in mind that:
  1. As the first person to set up the account for the first time, you will be an administrator with full privileges. That means that you’ll be able create users, domains, sites, …etc.
  2. Your domain will have the .onmicrosoft suffix and will look similar to this However, once you will be able to log to your Office 365 Admin Portal, you will have the possibility to create a naked domain that corresponds to your organization. We will see how to do it in later posts.




  • Once you finish all the steps, you will receive a confirmation that looks like this. You will be invited to click on the GET STARTED WITH YOUR TRIAL to be redirected the Office 365 portal authentication.




  • Once done, you’ll be able to start using your trial subscription, and this what you get: The Office 365 Home Page.




Some notes about the user interface:

  • The install software link on the top right of the window allows you to download and install Microsoft Office locally on you computer.
  • Because you are logged in with the Admin account, you have an Admin link to the Office 365 Admin Center Portal. This where you can manage your domains, users, view your billing information, open support cases, …etc.


Congratulations! Your subscription is now configured and ready to be managed. In the next post, we’ll take a tour and see the different options existing in the Office 365 Admin Center Portal. See you in the next post!


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